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Here in NW Missouri, it has been a HUMID summer, but we haven't hit higher than 95F, but plenty of 85-94F weather with dew points near 80F at times, had two Nasty storms hit the city in June, both of them after midnight, one of them ripped some of the roof off a museum in town, and the tornado sirens went off with transformers blowing in the distance, so had to get a dog who is scared of the basement steps to the basement, lol, the other storm took out a tree in our yard and had gusts estimated to 80mph bringing down trees all over town, then in July there were massive downpours, producing flash flooding in town 3 times in a 10 day period and causing some steep yards to slide off onto the sidewalk like a cheeseburger bun on a burger with too much cheese. But the mosquitoes are having a grand time. Lol
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