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The Avatarmeet boards could be made into subcategories of one Avatarmeet board, but I otherwise agree that there should be a cleanup.

If the site were more active and populous I would suggest to move from IRC to Discord lol

Originally Posted by Empty Glass View Post
I know that a while ago there were plans to give this forum a major upgrade with a different look. I wonder if that's still the case...?
I've heard nothing about a cancellation. Perhaps the admins are busy with life or don't see the point of doing it so long before the sequels?

Originally Posted by Empty Glass View Post
Certainly a bummer that links to some of those fansites don't need to be there anymore. Learn Na'vi still seems decently active though. The Avatar subreddit (not linked here) gets a fair amount of traffic too, but I don't get the same "feel" from it that I've associated with ToS.
At least a new website popped up in May 2020,
Remember the 2010s...
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