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Originally Posted by iron_jones View Post
Sigh it's all crumbling away little by little
It's crumbling away because no one's monitoring it. We need new moderators; people who're here more often and will, with the tiny audience that's left at the moment, do what needs doing.

EDIT: All of the moderators are essentially gone. None have posted anything since March of last year, the last being Eltu. Perhaps he'll return, but until that time we've got no one here. Two of the three admins haven't been here for a number of years, with HumanNoMore publicly announcing his exit, yet still listed as an admin. Perhaps he (or another) is keeping the funding of this forum's server going? I'm not sure. I do know that it's a bit frustrating to see how ever since I left this forum, things haven't been the same. It sounds a bit egotistic, but... it's kinda true.

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