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Question Sequels too late?

Hi all! I'm new here. I'm sure this has been discussed for ages, but here it goes anew.

We all know that the Avatar franchise has had its endless ups/downs, ebbs/flows, and stops/starts since Avatar set commercial and critical records way back in 2009-10, 3 US presidents, 4 British PMs, and innumerable other newsworthy events. Some reasons for Avatar's troubles: studio ownership changes, competing franchises, James Cameron's unrelenting technological innovations, cast members' scheduling conflicts, seems that there is no discernible determination to the reality of an Avatar sequel ever getting released. I know its supposed to happen way off in December 2022; over 1.5 years from today.

As it happens, it will a be a full 13 years between Avatar & Avatar 2...does anyone realistically think there will be any audience interest in even going to see Avatar 2...or movies period...after such a long hiatus?

Covid19 fundamentally changed our attitudes & practices towards cinemas. So many other movies from 2020 onward, big and small, were indefinitely delayed after most cinemas were shuttered due to covid19 restrictions. Some studios toyed with simultaneously streaming new movies, perhaps with extra fees attached, and limited cinematic releases. IMHO these "hybrid" releases had middling returns at best vs what they would have made in ordinary times.

As such, most studios took wait-and-see approaches, by shelving most of the big tentpoles until covid19 fears and restrictions are lifted. Given all the difficulties, Disney remains committed to the Dec '22, schedule for Avatar 2. I'm personally curious about returning to Pandora and exploring it more; Avatar was such a new thing in 2009. Nevertheless, significant gaps between movies has tempered my interests in some other franchises, particularly sequels...but no so much reboots or spinoffs. I'm afraid Avatar is no exception. In other cases, by the time long promised new entries hit cinemas, my interest in these other franchises was Terminator, Men in Black, Ghostbusters, DC Universe, that I was very slow to embrace them if I had not skipped them entirely. On the other hand, my interests in some long running franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, James Bond, have ebbed and flowed...I might have kept up with them in theaters but more so out of loyalty than genuine excitement...especially after we started getting into 4, 5 sequels, multiple standalones/spinoffs or reboots, a tv series (animated and live-action) or two. Its called saturation or diminishing returns.

After all I said above, at this point, after over a decade of waiting do we really want an Avatar sequel, let alone multiple Avatar sequels? Do most of us have any genuine excitement about the long delayed universe of Pandora?
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