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I hope the sequels do well, its hard like someone said to see this movie as a franchise. I wonder if jake as the main character has the ability to impact people enough to make the franchise successful. We know how successful and iconic the marvel franchise is, and Star Wars. Everyone knows who iron man is, luke sky walker but will people care enough about jake and Neytiri for them to be on the same level as iron man and Luke in terms of like impact and remembrance. I love avatar it’s my favorite movie of all time, but if I found out right now that they canceled all the sequels and they aren’t doing them anymore, I would honestly not be that mad. I think the first movie ended perfectly. Iam excited though to see more of the Pandora world and to see different Navi cultures. I feel like it’s gonna turn into Navi vs Navi wars maybe, but I just hope these movies don’t become repetitive. I feel like avatar 2 is necessary, I feel like avatar 2 will have a solid story hopefully but when I start thinking about a 3rd movie ? It’s like man what would that be about, and then 4th and a 5th film!!??? Also these movies are expensive to make right ? So it’s kinda a gamble in my mind, these movies could be very successful or flop. Just because of the standard avatar has set already for itself being the highest selling movie of all time, plus the movie already gets a lot of hate which i don’t know why, it’s an amazing movie but i just hope they do good. I’m thinking about it in terms of someone who isn’t a fan of avatar. We all love avatar so of course we are gonna go see the movie and most likely enjoy it but when you see it in the Eyes of someone who’s not a fan of the first movie, they don’t really care or they claim that the movie has only "good visuals but a trash story” which a lot of people claim and say which I don’t agree but, will the sequels turn people into fans of the movie, will the sequels make someone fall in love with the main characters(jake, Neytiri etc). Even people who never seen saw the movie before. Also for it to be almost 11 years since the first movie came out, will it all be worth it ?? Do you guys think? I just hope James does a good job on the story, not just for the second one but the third one and maybe the 4th and 5th. Like what direction is he gonna go in? I personally don’t want to see anymore Navi vs humans, I’m hoping they don’t drag that out. I’m hoping they go more in the direction of "bad” Navi, Navi vs Navi/clan vs clan or even Navi vs avatars. That would be cool in my eyes. I have a feeling other Navi clans aren’t gonna like jake because his body isn’t really a real Navi. Maybe even past history between the clans might spark trouble again and war, but I don’t know. What are you guys thoughts ???
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