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As far as rare merchandise, I hope one prop, a pair of RDA dog tags created by WETA.They were worn by Dean Knowsley who was a Samson pilot and helicopter pilot consultant on the movie. I have a clapperboard that was supposedly used in the movie (haven't been able to 100% confirm this yet), that was given to a cast member as a gift after production ended. A pin given to an ILM member who worked on the film. A patch from a WETA employee who worked on the film, and a crew member hat from sequels. I also have 36 test shots, which are part of the prototype process of making toys, from the Mattel figures made for the movie. I have the LSF Neytiri statue, that I would assume is rare because of the price, and the Sideshow Neytiri bust, which also due to size and cost seems to be rare. Also have 3 crew member t shirts (two are identical) from the first film.
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