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Originally Posted by PunkMaister View Post
Other than tapping if for the mining colonies on the moon themselves I see no other use for it. And again we have to find a way to get to orbit that is reliable safe and effective and rockets just don't cut the mustard. So Space elevators or some other similar tech will have to be developed.
The idea that was proposed in the book I was reading, was having a 20km long mass driver on the moon, a HUGE one that fired the ore back to earth where it is captured.

But what the hell? This mining operation would be the space programme, if the mining didn't get started right away then the resources would obviously be diverted to developing the technology to do so!

Originally Posted by PunkMaister View Post
BTW: Stop distorting historical facts to fit your agenda, it will just not work with me.
You know, that's funny because all of your supposed "facts" have been subjective.
Live long and prosper
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