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Grace has a few moments where she has a significant impact on the progression of the hero.

Grace as motivator/nurturer
At the beginning of the movie, she shows her disdain for Jake. However, she does not prevent him from using his avatar. In consequence, all this does is challenge and motivate the hero to succeed and thus has a positive influence.

Later Grace again demonstrates her nurturing and motherly nature when she ensures Jake is properly fed and gets enough sleep while in his human state.

Grace as Protector
There is one moment where Grace also serves as protector. When Jake is confronted by the Titanothere and later the Thanator in the forest, it is Grace who gives him advice on whether to stand his ground or run. This ultimately helps Jake survive both encounters.

Grace as Goddess of Fate
When Grace finds out that Jake is talking to Quaritch, she moves the Avatar program away from Hells Gate. In this way, she directly affects the environment that Jake is working in to allow him to progress in his quest.

Apart from Neytiri, Eywa and Grace, other female characters intervened on behalf of the hero.

Trudy Chacon acts as Jake’s protector twice in the movie. Firstly she helps Jake escape from Hells Gate and secondly, she attacks Quaritch in the final battle to help Jake against Quaritch.

Mo'at also acts as Jake’s protector twice. Firstly by allowing him to live when he first arrives at the Na’vi camp and secondly, by releasing him when he is tied up during the RDA attack on Hometree.

At the beginning of the movie, the forces of masculine evil are relatively low key. Quaritch is like Satan. He flatters and tempts our hero in the hope of turning him to evil.

The second negative influence is Tsu’tey who initially attempts to hinder our hero at every turn, either by discouraging or killing him.

The third negative influence is Jake himself. Jake represents unintentional evil through ignorance. Jake is not intrinsically evil, but he is ignorant and naive. The destruction of Hometree was arguably caused by Jake as he willingly gave information to Quaritch. So Jake commits evil, but more through ignorance than through a desire to cause suffering.

From the fall of Hometree, the malevolent male power comes to realise that he can no longer directly influence or hinder the hero. From then on the relatively minor negative influences from Tsu’Tey and Jake fall away, to be replaced by a vengeful and spiteful superdemon in the form of a hateful Quaritch, hell bent on destroying the Hero and everything he loves.

But the masculine influence is not all bad. Jake ultimately represents the force for good. He has many good qualities such as courage, determination and loyalty. But he can only reach his full potential as force of good with the active contribution of the significant positive feminine influence he receives throughout the story.

As stated previously, Quaritch is not a mirror of Jake. Quaritch and Jake represent separate identities. At the beginning of the movie, he and Quaritch are similar, both having the potential for evil. But as the female influence of good gains its grip on him, Jake transforms into something new, while Quaritch remains the same.


What does it all mean? Well each person may have their own ideas.

On a general level, the story may suggest the return of the Mother Goddess of nature.

It could be argued that much of the world has been ravaged by an over aggressive masculine tendencies of the human race. Mother Nature will eventually take back what belongs to her and restore balance to the world, either by transforming some masculine elements to her purpose (representing the hero, Jake) and destroying those that are not compatible (represented principally by Quaritch).

This is not a feminist story, nor is it anti-male. Masculinity is an active and dynamic force that can be a positive force if harnessed. But if it becomes too dominant it can lead to greed, violence and destruction.

In the past few hundred years, it could be argued that the masculine impulse in the human race (in both men and women) has become too dominant, leading to our contemporary situation. This is not about men vs women, for we are all to blame for the current situation. This is about the attitude of the human race as a whole.

One day Nature will exert its dominance again. When the change comes, will we be nurtured and protected like Jake, or will we be destroyed like Quaritch? What we do now, may decide whether we are the hero or the villain.

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