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I've been running Seti@home for over 10 years now & the BOINC project is much more that just searching for ET--You can search for Primes, do drug, dna or physics work + there is climate modelling & much more..

PunkMaister--that refers to 2 different projects--there is one for the exo-planet search & then the main SETI radio wave search....I hope BOTH of them have results.

The projects I belong to:

FreeHAL--artificial Speech work
PrimeGrid--search for massive primes
AQUA@home--search for Adiabatic QUantum Algorithms
Collatz Conjecture--testing the Collatz Conjecture
ABC@home--conjecture involves abc-triples
Milkyway@home--three dimensional modelling of the Milky Way galaxy
QMC@home--Quantum Chemistry
Einstein@home--process data from gravitational wave detectors
rosetta@home--3-dimensional shapes of proteins for disease research

And of course--SETI@home

There are several more projects right now & many more to come when the new telescopes come on line over the next couple of years.
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