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Originally Posted by neytirifanboy View Post
Thanks for posting the analysis Spock. It's good to see someone add to our little collection.

Your analysis was an interesting read and I agree with all that you said. In fact, I am sure you could have said a lot more.

With regards to the plot, I have never understood the argument that it is just a copy of another movie. When watching Avatar, it never occured to me that it was like another movie, basically because I was so engrossed with the story and visuals.

It was only after watching the movie that I compared it to others that had gone before. But not as a criticism, but more as an interesting observation which can often enhance the experience of watching the movie.

I personally like the story because it is simple, has nice ending, has nice characters and has a twist in that the humans are not the beacon of all that is good like in most other Sc-fi.

In the end, the "unoriginal" argument is irrelevant. for three reasons.

Firstly, there is no such thing as a truly original movie. I really would like to know what the favourite movies are of people who use this argument in a negative way. I bet the stories of these movies could easily be picked apart as required.

Secondly, whether a story has apparently been done before on not is irrelevant to determining Universal quality. Each individual either likes the story or they don't. Either position is valid from the view of personal taste. I love the story. But I can sympathise with (if not agree with or understand) those who do not like Avatar for some reason. But what I don't like is when they bring up the "unoriginal plot" argument as some sort of psuedo-intellectual justification for not appreciating the movie.

Three, even if a aspects of a plot are similar to something that has been done before, that does not mean it will cause a negative reaction. There are some fans of Avatar who like the movie precisely because it reminds them of Dances with Wolves. For them, the similariy adds to their enjoyment.

Personally, I don't see any comparison between DwW and Avatar. I found DwW to be dull and long winded, while Avatar was vibrant and full of life. I personally don't see any similarity between the movies because the feelings I have for the two movies are so different. (By the way i am not bashing DwW here as what I say is just personal opinion. I am just using it as an example to explain my point).

Finally, I think its a bit naive to assume that the fall of Hometree is supposed to be a parallel to 9/11. I personally believe it is a plot device, where an attack on the protagonist's people is so destructive and indescrminiate, that it completely changes the atmosphere, direction and emotional state of the protagonist.

There are similar events in previous movies which were much more destuctive than the fall of Hometree and which were in movies before 9/11. I think the fall of Hometree is more akin to the followng few examples:

Starship Troopers - Buenos Aires is destroyed by a meteor sent by the Arachnids
Armagedon - Paris is destoyed by a Meteor
Star Wars - The destruction of Alderaan by the Death Star
Independence Day - The attack on the cities by the aliens

I personally find it hard to compare the fall of Hometree to 9/11. The attack on Hometree was perpetrated openly by an invader with superior armaments on a weaker enemy with the intention of occupying the land rather than to cause terror itself. 9/11 was perpetrated by a terrist organisation on a strong enemy simply to cause terror. There are little similarities between the two attacks except for the emotional effect on the victims.

If anything, the attack on Tree of Souls had more in common with 9/11 because the purpose of the attack was to case terror (or shock and awe).
Yes, that is why I called it a brief evalutation. I also didn't want it to turn into a rebuttal of criticisms.

Edit: Just before I go. The hometree felling can be attributed to the 9/11 attacks, just from a different viewpoint. In fact the ToS and Hometree attacks are rather similar. We could also argue that the good colonel's goal was to cause pain during the hometree attack, although I am not a psychologist. Never the less, the possibilities are vast, the parallels that can be drawn between avatar and the real world are numerous.
Live long and prosper

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