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I've never watched Dances with Wolves, but I read the plot on Wikipedia, I can't really see the similarity other than a very vague, 'person changes sides after realising he's working with the wrong people'.

As for dialogue, I really didn't consider anything bad. Yes, Wainfleet is an idiot, but he's meant to be - he's a marine who enjoys killing people far too much, he's meant to be what is wrong with humanity.

I completely agree on themes, except for one thing:
Organisations like Greenpeace and Sea Shepherds are boring at best.
Rather than them being boring, I dislike them because they are actually harming the cause they claim to promote.

As for the impact on film making, I agree, Avatar will completely change it. It's like when the first films were made with sound, or in colour, it's a huge leap forward.
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