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Originally Posted by Walas00 View Post
KalaKuival pointed out a very important thing that usage of and i makes difference in the word's meaning. If someone knows the numbers for ALT+ method please post them here. For now you should just find an "" char somewhere, and copy it into your text when you write something.
Alt codes (make sure Num lock is on, works only with numbers on NUM PAD):

Works only on english keyboards, which means that if you have another layout installed you have to change it to english first!

Alt code for is alt - 0236. Also to get you could simply press the " ` " button once and then" i "..." ` "usually located on the left side of the keyboard next to no 1...
And : alt code alt - 0228. Also possible to hold down shift, press " ' " button and then a ( " ' "is not the same as" `" you used to make ) the " ' " is located near the large enter key on the right side of the keyboard (find it)
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