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Originally Posted by Spock View Post
Yes, that is why I called it a brief evalutation. I also didn't want it to turn into a rebuttal of criticisms.

Edit: Just before I go. The hometree felling can be attributed to the 9/11 attacks, just from a different viewpoint. In fact the ToS and Hometree attacks are rather similar. We could also argue that the good colonel's goal was to cause pain during the hometree attack, although I am not a psychologist. Never the less, the possibilities are vast, the parallels that can be drawn between avatar and the real world are numerous.
actually, I would say most of my response supports your point.

I would say from the dialogue that the main reason for the Hometree attack was a dirty land grab. while the attack on the Tree of souls was more a pre-emptive punitive raid.

So I think the principle motives were different, at least to Selfridge. But you may be right that Quaritch had other reasons to attack Hometree as he was obviously seemed to want to start a fight. But what Quaritch's real motives are are difficult to determine for sure.

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