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Too bad it's for UK only. I live in the US.

Also, for those wondering why the April 22 Blu-ray/DVD release will not have any extra footage:
Also as expected, Fox will be packaging Avatar on Blu-ray as a streamlined movie-only release to maximize a/v quality (here's hoping for 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio). There will be no supplemental features - not even menus - but a second disc will include the DVD version of the film.

"We went to Fox and told them that, for this movie, we wanted to do something really special and reach for the best presentation of any film in the history of the format," Avatar producer Jon Landau said. "This is a movie that has done the unexpected every step of the way. Fox agreed with us and the result is amazing. Everything that is put on a disc takes up room -- the menus, the extras, the trailers and studio promotions -- and we got rid of all of that so we could give this movie the best picture and sound possible."
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