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Default What was your first showing like?

I'm curious, for the rest of the forum, what was your first showing like?

My wife and I went on opening night. I had been excited about Avatar since seeing the trailer back in the summer. I was able to get tickets for a Friday evening showing online, though we had really terrible seats - in the front (well, about 5 rows back) and on the far left of the screen.

We see a good number of movies each year - I would estimate probably 30-40 a year in the theatre. A Friday or Saturday with my wife and I usually consists of a nice meal followed by a trip to the cinema. It's just one of the things we really enjoy.

Despite the 3D looking a little off, I was transported into one of the most amazing cinematic experiences of my life. But the best part, for me, was right at the end. After a movie that messed with my emotions all the way through, right at the very end of the movie, when they zoom in on Jake's eyes ... and they open ... and those drum hits ... then AVATAR appears on the screen? At that point the theatre literally burst into some of the loudest applause I've ever heard in a theatre.

The last movie I saw before Avatar that got any applause in the theatre was Return of the King.

So what was it like for you guys? What made your first trip to Pandora so special?
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