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I want to mention two main plot points in SW that are effectively mirrored in Avatar.

The first is when the Death Star destroys Alderan in SW. This actions shows that the Empire is technologically superior and that the Empire is ruthless in achieving its objectives.

In Avatar, this is mirrored in the destruction of Hometree. In destroying Hometree, the RDA also demonstrate that they are ruthless and powerful.

In both movies, we see the grief of the respective Princesses as their home is destroyed.

The scene is important in both films, but is made to be much more significant in Avatar.

In Avatar, the scene is much more Powerful. We see the despair, grief and desperation of the Na’vi as their home is destroyed and they are humiliated. The memory of the event feels fresh right to the end of the movie.

In SW, we do not really feel the horror of the destruction of Alderan, even though billions of people have just been killed. The grief is only expressed only through dialogue and actions of Leia and Obi-Wan. It is more or less forgotten afterwards.

The main difference between the two events in the two films is that in SW the event is a minor plot device, while in Avatar it is a major plot turning point.


The other point I mention that is similar in the two movies is the Final battle. In fact they are so similar you can summarise the them same way.

In SW, the Empire attempts to destroy the rebel base on Yavin. It is inferred that destroying the base will end the rebellion. The valiant rebels take heavy casualties, but Luke manages to destroy the Deathstar, after the timely and unexpected intervention of Han Solo.

This is mirrored in Avatar. The RDA attempt to destroy the sacred tree and crush the Na’vi resistance. The valiant Na’vi take heavy casualties, but Jake manages to destroy the RDA bomber after the timely and unexpected intervention of Ewya and the Pandora wildlife.

So as you can see there are big similarities between SW and Avatar in the final battle, at least on the surface.

How could I mention SW or Avatar without a mention for the force and Ewya.

Both movies have their version of a natural life energy.

In SW, the force is more abstract and used actively.

On the other hand, the equivalent in Avatar is more organic and passive. But it is still recognisable as being similar to the force in SW.

Both the Force and Ewya are important elements that help define the world and the main characters in their respective movies.

I really do think that Cameron has tried to make a new Star Wars as he seems to incorporate a lot of elements to the original SW in Avatar, even if they are not obvious at first glance.

I personally don’t think this is a bad thing at all, considering that SW was a very entertaining, emotional and ultimately successful movie.

However, I think that the focus of Avatar is very different, attempting to concentrate on the virtues of the good rather than the evils side.

Obviously there are many differences between SW and Avatar and I am in no way claiming they are exactly the same. But I think that Cameron may have adopted some of the fundamental elements of SW in producing Avatar with the view of making it into a block buster and SW-esque franchise. You may or may not agree.

This post is only based on Ep4. But I think Cameron may have been influenced by other SW movies. And in some cases he has done exactly the opposite of Star Wars.
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