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Originally Posted by Aquaplant View Post
Interesting analysis, but I think it all boils down more to the fact that all stories have these kind of basic similarities in them, and it just happens that these two share more than few. Then again only Cameron knows the answer to this question, so we can speculate all we want, but never quite get anywhere and I personally sometimes find that very frustrating.

It's good that you are not hampered by such imperfections, and can carry out these tasks as to study the fine subtleties in movies. I'd like to be able to do more thinking like this, but I lack the necessary knowledge and patience to assemble all the facts.

By the way, there is an error in your first post in the end, where it says Jack instead of Jake.
Corrected the Jack.

To be honest I am not that knowledgable myself. I am no SW fanatic although I like the movies. Most of what I have said is really raw opinion. It is no better than anyone elses.

I am really just suggesting that Avatar and SW were both successful because they have key elements.

In some ways, it is also relevant to the "Why is Avatar the Greatest movie of all time" thread. It is really asking why Avatar is so popular. But here I compare it to SW to look for an answer.
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