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I was old enough to have seen the original Star Wars in the theatre (I was in my early 20's) & went 19 times--Lucas had me in the palm of his hand with Luke & Obi'Wan talking about the Force....Ewya is on a far more personal level than the Force, but the same thoughts apply.

I agree that Jim used a formula that works...his was far more personal that Star Wars & that is a good thing--Lucas was working on a galactic scale--Pandora was a smaller & far more personal scale---I remember being "held" with Star Wars for a couple of months....but NOTHING like the way Avatar has joined my life. This is far more "all-inclusive" & far more long lasting--I to this day have Star Wars snippets surface--I expect Avatar to be more in my daily life & to this date it has.....and thats also a very good thing---Jim achieved his goal to raise Eco-awareness--at least with me. I've increased my earth-friendly activities several-fold.

Just thoughts--
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