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Yeah Iím a big fan of Lance and follow him almost as religiously as I do Avatar. Hereís the original article about the prank:

I work as a paramedic for my day job so the anatomical inaccuracies were pretty obvious to me. The x-ray on the right is the body of a child, the stomach is on the wrong side of the body, and the CB clavicle shown is for the left shoulder. Still a very good job for the people who came up with the joke because it definitely fooled a lot of people.

As for carbon fiber actually being used for bone/joint replacements, itís possible if itís put together with some other composites but a bad choice of material if its just pure CB like it is here, especially with the current manufacturing techniques. Carbon fiber isn't bio compatible and the outer epoxy layer will get dissolved away by body fluids. Itís also too stiff and brittle. Itís stronger than the bones mother nature has given us but when CB does get hit by a strong enough force, like in a bike race crash it has a tendency to shatter. So with a CB bone it doesnít just break but it will explode like a grenade in you haha do not want.

Now what you really want is what the Na'vi have; a composite of tissue and carbon interwoven in a matrix. Strong, light, yet flexible. Who knows, pretty likely that biomedics comes up with something like that in the future.

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