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Originally Posted by eonmokri View Post
Okay, Thorinair begged my to do this post.

I experienced the plankton biolum for real.

10 years ago i was visiting some of the Dutch Islands in the North Sea.
And i had the luck, to get that ONE day in every 3 years, when the plnkton was is blooming.

It really looks like in the videos. But these plankton glowed green-blue.

Back then i decided to have the "full" experience. The moment was just too perfect.
At the horizon a thunderstorm glowed in reddish colors, the waves glowed green-blue and it was absolutly silent, except the silent thunderrumble in the distance and the sound of the waves.

I walked into the water, and because of the plankton reacting to movement, every step glowed.
When the water was as high as my chin, i stood still and hold my breath.
And you could see the heartbeat in my chest, glowing green in the rhythm of my heart. When i was breathing again, every breath was viewable, on the one hand by the slightly glowing of the chest, on the other hand by my breath on the water surface.

It was the absolutly most beautiful thing i ever saw in my life. And i keep that memory in my mind.
That is so beautiful.... I don't know why, but it makes me cry...

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