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You forget that Tsu'tey's taunting and testing spur Jake on. It's a challenge, he has to prove himself worthy of Tsu'tey's respect and brotherhood. You forget that Etukan, as clan leader, has the role of father (albeit, not one we see much). He and Tsu'tey challenge Jake, test and question him, as is proper for a man defending his woman and child to do. Finally there is Toruk, who represents the abstract masculine principle just as Eywa does the female. Only by joining with this godlike force can Jake lead the way out of darkness.

As for the male characters being lesser, I see it as a balance. Just as the sun gives light which Eywa uses to bear life, the Olo'ektan and Tsahik cannot function without each other, they are two halves of one whole. We know now that this is the truth of reproduction; neither can create life without the other.

Interestingly, the coast clans seem to swap the gender roles...
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