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Hi joeylovesgaia,

Many thanks for reading the article and taking time to give a response.
Before I respond to your points, I just want to say that the analysis was only made from my personal perception of the movie. Others will perceive specific points of the movie in different ways. So how each of us see the movie is neither right or wrong; just different.

So I can understand what you have said. And if you view the movie in a certain way, your argument is justified. I just didn't see the movie in that way and so my view is different.

Now to your points. From my own very personal point of view, I disagree that Tsu-Tey acts as a challenge to Jake, for two main reasons.

1) There are two times when Tsu-tey almost kills Jake in cold blood. In both of these occasions Jake is not in a position to protect himself because he is outnumbered (when he firsts meets Tsu-tey) or is unconscious (when his Avatar is disconnected). In both these occasions he depends on the presence and actions of Neytiri to save him. So, from my point of view, Tsu-tey is a deadly menace and not a challenge. Jake actually depends on the female element to save him from male aggression.

This, in my view, also represents how Tsu-tey sees Jake. He doesn't want to challenge him, he wants to destroy him. In the end, it is the female element that allows Jake to face up and neutralize that threat.

2) Tsu-tey does not constitute a challenge to Jake because Jake does not care less what Tsu-tey thinks. In my perception of the movie, Jake is motivated by the following reasons in the following order 1) To impress and please Neytiri (the female element); 2) To please himself; 3) To please Grace and 4) To please Quaritch. In my view, pleasing Tsu-tey is way down Jake's priority list, if it is on his list at all. So it can't really constitute a challenge

With regards to Etukahn, in my view he never represented a motivational force. He represents the arrogant view of the Na'vi (and ultimately masculine) that the Skypeople are intinsically inferior. It is Mo'at who really acts in the motivational force. Of course, your view that Etukahn is a motivational force is completely justifiable. i just don't accept it.

However, I do completely accept that Tsu-tey as a male element, becomes a postivive force for good. In fact, in the article, I say that the male element is absolutely essential, but it is probably snowed under the other pro-female stuff.

Without the dynamic male influence of Jake and tsu-tey, the Navi could not hope to win. The male element is absolutely essential. And on that specific point we agree. The point of the article is to say that in the current world, the male element is too dominant, but that does not mean that the male element is intrinsically evil.

And I agree that in the end it is the a balance of male/female power that brings victory against the male dominated RDA. And that is the point.
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