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However, for the interest of balance, I will point out another scene that does slightly contradict my article.

In the beginning of the movie, Grace goes to Selfride and complains about Jake. The scene seems to infer that Grace does not want Jake and is trying to prevent him using his avatar. If this is true, then Grace is actually acting as a negative force in the movie, while (ironically) the male influence of Selfride is acting as a positive force.

However, I dismiss this scene for two reasons:

1) The scene is ambiguous. It is not clear if Grace will actually prevent Jake or not from using his Avatar. There is no indication she will prevent Jake from using the Avatar even if Selfridge agrees with her, given that no one else can use it.

2) The scene was not really about Jake at all. It principally demonstrated the political power and conflict between the science faction (represented by Grace) on one hand and the military/business faction (represented) on the other. In the exchange it clearly showed that Selfridge had the upper hand. In other words, the argument was not about whether Jake should use the Avatar or not, but who should decide whether Jake was allowed to use the Avatar. The chances are, even if Grace had got her way, she may well have let Jake use the Avatar eventually, especially since she ultimately decided how the Avatar should be used.

Anyway, all the above is certainly variable depending on the perception of each viewer.
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