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Originally Posted by madman View Post

Please stay away from ethanol. It is completely retarded to use a fuel source that we already use for human and animal food. It is not an unlimited resource either.
Bio-diesel is basically used up kitchen oil discarded from Restaurants etc. I know because a neighbor of mine has such a vehicle. All he needs is to load just a bit of regular diesel and then fill the tank with the discarded oil and presto!

Originally Posted by Dreaming Of Pandora View Post
Current engines are inefficient. A lot more than half of all chemical energy in a car is converted into heat and then radiated out of various outflows on the car.

A major replacement of engines is needed to ever use fuel efficiently.

Im all for hydrogen fuel cell. Though expensive right now, I believe is the way forward for many reasons.
Well most of our technology produces more heat than energy we actually use, light-bulbs for example produce more heat than light. But that is besides the point, yes the technology needs to be improved but immediately speaking we need an alternative that is renewable and can be readily used so we can lean ourselves from Toxic oil.
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