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Originally Posted by neytirifanboy View Post
Revenge is certainly a realistic motivation from Quaritch. Pandora got him, and he wants to show he is stronger.

I never thought of brain damage. But it is certainly not impossible.

At the very least, we can assume he was affected psycologically.

In many ways, Quaritch was dominated by some of the worst of human emotions and desires: vengeance, fear and ambition. A potent mix indeed.
Yes, and did you notice where the scars were? Right over the prefrontal cortex, the part of your brain responsible for rational judgment. Factor in the bad case of post traumatic stress disorder he likely has, and you can see why he's a sadistic, raging loony.

The only question now is why didn't RDA relieve him of duty. An injury to the brain like that obviously leaves him unfit for command.
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