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Originally Posted by joeylovesgaia View Post
Yes, and did you notice where the scars were? Right over the prefrontal cortex, the part of your brain responsible for rational judgment. Factor in the bad case of post traumatic stress disorder he likely has, and you can see why he's a sadistic, raging loony.

The only question now is why didn't RDA relieve him of duty. An injury to the brain like that obviously leaves him unfit for command.
What you say about the scars is interesting and may indeed be a factor to the way he acts.

There is another thing that comes to mind and that is how your typical RDA employee sees Pandora. I am not talking about the scientists or Jake who have Avatars and/or are there because they are passionate about aliens worlds.

I am talking about your average miner or soldier. For them Pandora is not a forest wonderland. It is a very dangerous environment where you are risking your life every day just being there. Each time they go to sleep, they may worry that there could be a breach that could sufficate them in their sleep. Each time they go outside they may worry that some creature may gett through the Hells gate defenses and slaughter them. And that's not even counting th soldiers who have to actually go into the forest. For them nervousness and abject terror must be a constant state of mind.

It is easy to forget this because we really see the movie from the point of view of somone who loves Pandora and can live there. We only get a glimpse of what other things through Quaritch, Selfridge and to a lesser extent Wainfleet. And especially considering Quaritch's attitude, I presume that he is not alone in the way he thinks and in fact her reflects what most non-scientisits think and feel.

Because The others must fear fro their lives every day and this must have an emotional impact on them. I am sure for many of them, Quaritch must seem a good leader because he appears confident of getting the better of Pandora. This may lead many of them see Quaritch's attitude in a positive way.

However, this is of course mistaken. uaritch is a manipulator who actually increases their fears, and thus making the other depend on him. That may be why he dislikes the scientists so much. Because he cannot influence them in the same way since they see Pandora from a compelty different view point.
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