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Default Wait a minute...

I watched Avatar tonight and I noticed what I thought might be a mistake. I want to see what you think. Also, I don't have screen shots, but if anyone does, feel free to post them.

At the part where they fly to the Hallelujah Mountains for the first time, I noticed the cockpit was not closed off from the cargo/personnel area of the Samson 16, but they weren't wearing exopacks. So, how were they breathing? From what I could tell, there was nothing separating them from the Pandora atmosphere which, as we know, is deadly to humans.

So...yeah...just wondering what you folks thought of that. Am I mistaken about the cockpit not being sealed off from the rest of the ship? Is there something about the Samson 16 filtration system I don't know about? Or, could this, perhaps, be a mistake in the movie?

Hold on a second...I may be mistaken about which scene I'm thinking of...I'm gonna find that part again...

Okay, yeah...I can't tell if there are just windows there or if the cockpit is not sealed off...but, when the Samson 16 is shown from behind, you can see directly into the cockpit.
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