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Originally Posted by neytirifanboy View Post
I originally posted this on the AF in December 2009. But I thought i'd post it here too. It seemed appropriate, especially since ToS specifically has a section for fan articles

The Goddess has returned, because in Avatar the female rules all.
I enjoyed this article on AF, neytirifanboy, and I'm glad to see it reprised on ToS. This essay, and the comments it has thus far inspired, adds to the richness of the tapestry that is AVATAR. And I applaud your celebration of the feminine principle.

I agree with essentially all that you said. My only addition would be that when people speak of a balance between feminine and masculine principles or forms of expression, implicit in that statement is that a 50-50 split is optimal. However, this is not necessarily so--particularly in the case of AVATAR. The feminine essence is clearly the driving force throughout the movie, and almost all of our favorite characters--from Trudy to Grace to Mo'at, to the leader of the Sea-Ikran clan, to Neytiri, and to Eywa herself--are unique and powerful expressions of the Goddess. But as long as there is a sufficient mix of powerful male energy, a good--though not necessarily equal--balance can be struck.

Even with the strength and power of Jake, and with the evolution of Norm, T'su Tey, and others throughout the movie into powerful masculine characters, the feminine energy still is dominant. You could even argue that much of the growth of the men is due primarily to the influence of the females they are involved with.

I would estimate a 70-30 advantage of the feminine over the masculine in this setting. But all that is important is that the proper balance is struck between these two powerful principles. And isn't it nice to see a movie in which the Feminine is not subjugated and placed in an inferior or condescending role, but is allowed to flourish and blossom into it's full, magnificent expression--an expression which reached it's highest form ever in a movie as that flower of true femininity we know as Neytiri.

Again, well done, neytirifanboy.

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