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Originally Posted by Dreaming Of Pandora View Post
To answer a question like this may be science's biggest breakthrough, an utterly outstanding achievement, a testament to the human intelligence. It's something science cannot prove and most likely never will be answered ever. It's truly uneasing when you give it a bit of thought

I agree although I don't think that science will be able to figure it out completely. There are some mysteries that might never be answered.

Everything we know that exists, from the coffee that you sip to the entire universe was made from nothing.

Well that's what we know so far but there are several theories speculating the origin of the universe. Theories like our universe being one of possibly millions of other multiverses or that our universe was made by the collision of two cosmic membranes.
As you say below, this doesn't explain how we got here too well because the question arises, where did those universes or cosmic membranes come from? Who or what created them?

With theories aside, let's say that a higher form of intelligence did create our universe, who or what created the creator of our universe? And who or what created the creator of the creator of our universe. It goes on.
This is why I honestly believe it takes more faith to believe that God or some other forced didn't create the universe. Isn't it easier to believe that He did. Science has not shown and evidence to disprove this. In fact, with the latest discoveries of just how complex this universe is, the idea that it all came by chance is wanting. Everything is so intricate and complex from the tiniest cell or atom to the biggest galaxies. Just look at DNA and how it is structured or even some of the issues in quantum theory/physics, etc. It is soooo complex that it had to take some sort of very complex intelligence to create it all.

It's quite mind-boggling, there must have been a point in time (if time always existed, which again further complexes the question, how can something or somebody create time?) when nothing at all existed, nothing, no atoms, no energy or information to a point in time where something did exist (which again complexes the question, how can nothing create something).
Exactly . It is truly mind-boggling. We will probably never be able to discover all the secrets that the universe carries. There is just to much to learn.

So basically, our existence is based on the fact that at certain time, nothing at all existed ever.

Right now, we dont know but if we have learned anything from science it's that it is full of surprises and can take forms we couldn't imagine possible.
This is true.

Uneasing as this question may be it is also comforting, if this question is true, that everything was made from nothing, then that means our existence has purpose, a reason for being here because right now, we shouldn't be here, what we know of what's physically possible says that our existence should be impossible.
I agree . I believe we were made out of love and for love. This whole universe was created out of love. Our existence seems impossible but yet I am here typing away on this computer and you are there typing away on yours. We are here and there must be a reason for it. It couldn't be by chance. Especially when you look at the immense complexity of the universe.

I guess the short answer and probably the human answer is: Chuck Norris did it.
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