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Originally Posted by Human No More View Post
That was just amazing... I agree

Only one thing... Eyes that are too large? Breasts that are too small? Not to me! I find her perfect in just about every way, physically and otherwise.
Thanks, Human No More! I appreciate the kind words. And I agree with what you said about her eyes and breasts. I find them to be perfect, too. I was simply pointing out what others have said.

For most of us on this list, none of her so-called 'imperfections' or 'anomalies' (tail, pointed ears, blue skin, etc.) matters. And that's because we see the incredible beauty of who she is, which is independent of any physical considerations. In fact, we find all those physical aspects of her beautiful mainly because they are a part of her, whom we love.

Implicit in the commentary is that those who view aspects of her physical or emotional self as 'imperfections', simply don't see her, and are unable to move beyond appearances.

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