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Originally Posted by Vauktu View Post
I just started my blu-ray collection, so I don't have much to show, but I have Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.
Good start to your collection though!

Originally Posted by Naro View Post
That's what I like to hear.

Originally Posted by Helicoradian View Post
Last Blu-ray purchased was Avatar. My collection isn't that big really, I buy about 2-3 Blu-rays a year. Just gotta wait for the special edition now
Yikes, 2-3 a year? No way I could buy so few movies! I've bought so many movies within the last month that if I posted them I'd feel as if I was bragging. If you want pictures I will though.
Originally Posted by madman View Post
Avatar Blu-Ray/DVD combo was the last movie that I bought

My wife and I do use netflix though, so we have rented plenty of movies since we purchased Avatar.
Good stuff.
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