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Default Lesson 3 - Basic Phrases; Or "How To Say 'Hello'"?

I'm sure you're hungry for some Na'vi sentences you can use already.
Those are pretty easy sentences.
Please, do not try to put Na'vi words in there just yet. We will get to it.

Kalt-i (remember the px kx tx pronounciation, notice the )

Thank you

"Kehevame" (remember to check the pronouncing HERE)
Goodbye, see you soon

Oel ngati Kameie
[wel nati Kameie] (notice "ng"^)
I See you
(please do not abuse this phrase, as it describes some very deep emotions - still it's used as "I understand you", "I see your point". Theoreticaly it is right, but you can't really imagine Na'vi telling Na'vi "I See you" when he makes a statement... )

Additional stuff

Kaltx nmun
(notice the in nimun)
Hello again
I used to use that a lot while my learning course. Using this phrase is a good way to memorise word "nmun".

You might have noticed that I might have forgotten "" in some words. It's ok. Since some keyboards don't support writing that chars (you can do that via ALT+ method) people write normal "i,a", etc. You can still read the message properly, which is the point of the whole learning course, right?
KalaKuival pointed out a very important thing that usage of and i makes difference in the word's meaning. If someone knows the numbers for ALT+ method please post them here. For now you should just find an "" char somewhere, and copy it into your text when you write something.

There, you have the basic phrases.
Check out our IRC channel, you can freely use Na'vi there
Most of us use the phrases above. Some use more complicated sentences. Not too complicated thou. You will learn everything in time

I should point out that the language is still being developed. Changes may occur as the time goes by. You don't have to worry much right now. Basic stuff is already here, ready to get learned

Quick-link To Lesson 4- Lesson 4 - Lenition, Or "Softening Words".
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