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Originally Posted by Aihwa View Post
O_O I find this very ironic, as just a day ago I added to my signature that exact quote...

That's a little creepy...

The way I look at it, if every generation said, "well we don't need this now, let some other generation mess around with it." We'd still be living in the dark ages. Invention "just for the hell of it" helps solve problems before they even develop. As does invention without any real goals. (take Penicillin for example, that was an accident that created it.)
Unfortunately, invention "just for the hell of it" is not impact-free. It consumes resources. And in technology's case, these resources are precious little ones and ones that are very, very harmful to come by.

Increasingly, it seems now we're creating issues to justify pre-emptive solutions.

"We've created a new technology... now we have to find a reason for it to exist."
"We've discovered you can manufacture cells... It COULD possibly be used to cure Cancer."
"We've built the world's largest particle collider. It MIGHT be used to find other dimensions."

You could indeed argue that this is the very nature of discovery. You have to try and fail. But do the rewards outweigh the impact of the discovery process? Say we do find there's another dimension. What to do with that knowledge? Try and harness it's power? That just starts another 'discovery' ball rolling and, in turn, as the demands for discovery become ever higher, there is ever-increasing consumption of precious resources and damage.

Advancement for advancement's sake. And it's all at the cost of - well - us and the planet we live on.

The question is do we really need all this relatively useless, virtually unapplicable 'knowledge' and technology or can we get by without it?
"When the time comes, just walk away and don't make any fuss."

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