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Quick Google search and I found this article:

[Coke Zero AVATAR] 3D Glasses

Proving that “It’s Possible” to watch a 3D movie and still look fashionable, Coca-Cola Zero in collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox has created exclusive Real D 3D glasses as you’ve never seen them before. The premium eyewear is constructed from a translucent blue plastic that creates a stunning effect when held against the light. The case, made from recycled PET plastic, features imagery from the world of Pandora. The limited edition glasses and cases are set to be an AVATAR and Coke Zero collector’s item.

Connecting directly with consumers when they go to the movies, Coca-Cola Zero will also activate cinema channel concession programs and promotions that include branded cups and popcorn bags that feature the AVTR mark and that can be used to activate the AR experience. The Coca-Cola Company’s products are enjoyed in more than 80% of movie theaters globally, making this an important part of the partnership program.

[Posted on Nov 24, 2009 8:47 AM CST]
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