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Default Ngaru lu fpom, srak? - analisys of phrase

Ngaru lu fpom srak?
Nga-ru lu fpom srak?
You-DAT "well being" QUESTION

Are you doing well? Is "well being" with you? Is well being your's? Is there well being for you?

You-DAT - Dative case is used here, which marks that "something is being given to someone". In English you could define that as "to" - "to you".

lu - "to be", this is connected with "fpom"

fpom - "well being", so if you're feeling good "you have well being"

srak - a question marker, which tells the reciever that we're expecting a yes/no answer.

To you is well being yes/no?

Sounds strange... but you have to remember that different languages have different methods of forming sentences.

I'd do something like this:
Ngahu fpom lu srak?
Nga-hu fpom lu srak?
You-"be with" "well being" "is" QUESTION

-hu - a prefix that indicates that someone is with something spiritualy, "Eywa ngahu" - may Eywa be with you

Are you with well being?
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