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Default Avatar Testimony

This is the Avatar Testimony thread, post what was your life like before Avatar, how you came to see Avatar, and how the movie affected you and how you have changed because of Avatar. This is my testimony (I wrote this a while back because I felt it is a necessity to write down my feelings and emotions. I did mention the time I joined the Avatar Forums, but things have obviously changed since I wrote this (this was written back in early January).
I'd love to hear all your testimonies! Sorry about the long read.

Before December 18th my life was on a rollercoaster. I was just letting life take me wherever I was destined to go, a course built by someone else. A course where I just sat down and let it take me wherever the owner designed for it to take me. My life was happy. I had no reason to be sad, upset, or depressed. I graduated high school in 2009, and started college in August of 2009. I was going to Universal Technical Institute to become an auto technician, because I loved cars and heard it’s a great career to have if it’s something you love. Every day when I started college was the same; wake up at 6:30am, clock into work at 8:00am, work till 12:00pm, start class at 12:45pm, and get out of school at 7:00pm and go home. I was fine with school, I love learning new things everyday that I can put to use in my future job and at home, but work was a little blah, boring. Same thing every day for four hours (I know could be worse); receiving files, organizing them, and filing them away in cabinets. That’s for $8 an hour, although I couldn’t complain it was a job where I could earn money. So that was my life on coast, pretty much satisfied with almost everything but for the most part happy. I am 19, single, and never had a girlfriend, so I had an empty feeling in my life. Never hearing a girl say to me “I love you” with all her heart. It’s a dream that I have, and I know one day will come true.

It was a Monday at work when I saw an advertisement for Avatar coming out on Thursday, and the picture made it look incredible! I haven’t heard much about it; I saw a commercial for it a while ago but forgot about it. I figured that through trial and error that I enjoy movies was better when watching it open minded, not knowing anything about the movie, so I told myself no trailers and no research, I just had to wait until Friday opening night. But I just wanted a picture for my computer (see I’m already breaking a rule) so I found a picture of Neytiri (whom I did not know of yet) crouching during the scene when Jake is fighting to make a tsahaylu with his Ikran (which I did not know of yet as well). But she (Neytiri) captivated me! Everything about her was so attractive! I saved it as my desktop background, and the more I looked at her I started to have these fantasies in my head (not sexual mind you, but just spending time with her) then I started coming up with stories about us. So I opened up a new Word Document and started typing. I wrote all throughout the week. All the time during work and college I would think about that beautiful alien girl, fulfilling my romantic fantasy of our relationship building, and us confessing our love for each other, to have her want me, need me. It satisfied my soul to write my feelings down.

Finally Friday came. The entire day I could not get the idea that I was finally seeing Avatar out of my mind. It seemed like the longest week of my life. Constantly I would think back to the alien girl (I named Kinirah in my story) and me and our love. I wondered what she would actually be like in the movie. I wondered how this movie will make me feel…

My class ended at 7:00pm, and the movie theater was a couple blocks from my school and the showing was at 9:00pm. From my school to my house was about 15 minutes, and the theater was in the complete opposite direction, so I decided to go to the theater and wait it out, maybe talk to some other people in line (I love arriving early for movies to wait in line outside the theater door, seriously I do). So I arrived and bought my ticket for Avatar in 2-D at 9:00pm (at the theater I went to new movies get huge screens as it is, not as big as the IMAX 3-D screen [which is 6 stories tall at the same theater] but way bigger than the other screens) and I was so far the only one in line for the movie. So I listened to some trance music from my iPod while I waited (I love techno, trance, electronic, calm relaxing music by the way). Finally 9:00pm came and they opened the doors. My heart race increased as I walked through the doors and sat down in my seat. I asked myself now “did you know what you were getting yourself into?” I did not know what I was getting myself into when the movie began.

About two hours and forty minutes later the title Avatar came up onto the screen, I See You started to play and the credits rolled. I sat in my chair absolutely stunned. “Did I see… did I really just see what I just saw!?” I asked myself. I was absolutely blown away, his movie was incredible! My feelings were off the charts, my emotions overflowing so much I didn’t know what to do! All I could do was just sit there and think, but my thoughts were all over the place! Next thing I remember I’m at home in my bed, but I couldn’t sleep, the movie played over and over and over in my head! I tossed and turned all night long, but I found no peace from the movie, and I was okay with it. The movie had me stunned out of my mind! The days progressed, and still I had sleepless nights, I had to see the movie again and again, I saw the movie about four times just that week! The planet Pandora was a place that I could only see in my imagination and on the T.V. screen. I close my eyes and I see the Bioluminescence of Pandora. To me it’s heaven. The Omaticaya people are a clan I wish I could live with. Just the way their lives went everyday was to me paradise. They didn’t surround themselves with asking for things in return, no greed for money, no dispute between each other. They did things without asking for a reward. They didn’t have drama between them (until Jake Sully showed up at least but they got it all situated). Jake is now my role model, because no matter how dark the situation seemed, no matter how hopeless, he kept going. He kept persevering to fight for what he thought was right, for the girl he loved. He fought against his own race because of what he believed in, and that takes true courage! Neytiri is my dream girl. Everything about her in the film was incredible. Not only were her outer appearances breathtaking, but her inner beauty, her personality, her passion to fight for what was right, to protect the ones she loved. She struck such a vibe in my heart and soul, when she mourned over her father’s death, when she was crying when the RDA destroyed the Tree of Voices, when Jake explained why he was really there and she felt betrayed, my heart shattered into a million pieces. I cried at those scenes, and so many other scenes in the movie. But Neytiri stole my heart and soul, she always ends up in my mind whenever I close my eyes or my mind starts to wander. Everything about her was so beautiful, internally and externally. The relationship Jake and Neytiri shared was so beautiful; it struck my heart and soul deep. Their relationship is relationship I hope to one day have. They loved each other so much; I smile every time I think of them together. Their soul connection for each other, the way Neytiri risked so much for Jake, like when Tse’tsu was standing over Jake when his Avatar was unconscious and Neytiri threw him and crouched over Jake, ready to attack anyone who threatened Jake. How Jake gave up so much to save what was truly beautiful. The mate scene was so beautiful and so well played out. I could go on forever. The overall movie was absolutely breathtaking… literally. Sometimes I will think back to the movie, and sometimes I will feel short of breath and get major chills. An example is the scene in the beginning when Jake says, “Up ahead is Pandora…” and it shows the planet Pandora. I think back to the movie, and the epic adventure Jake has… he has no idea what he was getting into, like me before seeing the movie. His love, his hate, his sadness, meeting Neytiri, his life will never be the same again, and it takes my breath away to think he’s living the life I’ve always wanted. I have never cried in a movie before, but I cried all seven times I’ve seen this film. I was devastated when the RDA shot down Hometree, I cried when Jake and Neytiri mate, I cried during the war scene, I cried at so many other scenes, not just because a lot of it is sad, which it is, but because it’s also happy. Jake living the life I dreamed of living, him being happy, Neytiri being happy, it’s all so incredible to me.

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