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After the first night of seeing Avatar I had sleepless nights, thinking about Jake and Neytiri and their deep emotional love for each other, the sadness throughout the movie and the happiness, both which made me cry. I would toss and turn all night, but I didnít mind because I had a week off from college and work for Christmas break. I bought the Avatar soundtrack to satisfy my desires to see Avatar again. The soundtrack like the movie gave me feelings and emotions which I cannot explain, but not as deep as Avatar. I saw the movie a total of about four times just that week. I felt really alone in my emotions and feelings towards the movie, because none of my friends had the same feelings for it as I did. Because of that I found seeing the movie by myself a way better experience, I found it a lot satisfying to express my emotions during the movie. Then I stumbled across the Avatar Forums and never looked back. The forums are the friendliest forums I have ever been on. I can post my feelings and emotions and people wonít judge me or discourage me, but instead they will talk to me, discuss my feelings and emotions, they care. I have made numerous friends, some which are very close, and I am thankful for them, my friends here, my family, and my life (although I wish I could be a Naívi on Pandora, but I am still thankful). And now I am joined to the Tree of Souls as well, because slowly the Avatar Forums just didn't feel like home anymore.

My life has definitely been changed because of this movie. It was a wakeup call, a slap to the face. Because of this movie I have gotten more in touch with my emotions and feelings. I let them flow a lot more. I cried at work while listening to the songs Quartich and Destruction of Hometree! And it felt good! I cannot remember the last time I cried before seeing Avatar, but now every time I see Avatar I welcome my tears! I welcome my tears whenever I feel like crying. I donít just blissfully go through my days now, I think to myself a lot more. I debate with myself in my head; I have conversations with myself, like a narrator in a movie. I take beautiful things that I see here more to heart. I cherish things more in my life that I see and experience daily. I have learned to respect peoples opinions, I try not to judge them as I would not like them judging me for my obsession for Avatar. I still wish I had some sort of adventure in my life, this movie hasnít really left me depressed, more like down some days, some days with a mild P.A.D. Just dreaming of Neytiri and Pandora and Jakes epic adventure left me wanting more of Avatar, wanting to see it and experience it more, wanting to live the life Jake lives. Other days it leaves me really happy, just the thought of Avatar will bring a smile to my face, a chill down my spine, me to shed a tear, or leave me out of breathÖ or all four! I still cannot even begin to explain the emotions and feelings this movie gave me, but they were absolutely incredibly mind blowing and life changing! James Cameron has truly captured my imagination, soul, feelings, and emotions with this movie to an extent I cannot even explain. This is hands down my favorite movie of all time!

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