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Originally Posted by Human No More View Post

I'll have to meet you there (fair warning, I will be with ayskxawng )... If you're not going with others (or a few), maybe you could get a spot in the campsite with us, I'm going with a big group of people and it should be epic.

Got a LOT of bands to look forward to there... Korpiklaani, Ensiferum, Opeth, Behemoth, Sonata Arctica, Cannibal Corpse, Gorgoroth, Evile
Also, on the unsigned stage, check out Stone Circle, I know them, they're from here
Edit: They added more bands there, I'd suggest checking out Mutant there as well, they played support for Gama Bomb down here recently, was a great gig. Also Furyon, they play gigs around here, worth checking out.
Yeah, metal meet-up is certainly required! Who are these ayskxawng, may I ask? And why would you be going with them ?

Unfortunately I am going to be going with a large group, so I think we're all lumping in the campsite, together, but we could luck out and end up situated not too far from each other's sites. B.O.A isn't a particularly big fest, anyway, so people can never bee too far away from each other and I don't imagine it'll be too difficult to spot each other!

Yeah, there are so many bands I'm looking forward to seeing - on top of the ones you already mentioned - Edguy, Powerwolf, Andromeda, Bodom and Amorphis! Twisted Sister would be a lot of fun too, I imagine .

I'm vaguely aware of mutant - not very familiar, but I know they're good enough for me to want to check them out. I'll also try to check out Stone Circle.

I'm going to be completely wiped after Bloodstock, because I'm pretty much flying home from Germany after Wacken then going to B.O.A a couple days later .
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