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Default Character Commentary-Jake.

This may be a one shot, it may be a series of character commentaries on my part. Perhaps someone else has done this somewhere else, but this is my take on it. No great work, but I had to write it down.
Submitted for your perusal:

Jake's Journey

It's a shame that the most we have seen of Jake's life on Earth (except for those lucky few) is a few cut scenes that didn't make it into the movie. Imagine the world that he left behind.
Polluted, dirty, mechanized and urbanized. Concrete and steel, dirty air that smells metallic and industrial. The human element is worn down to the dregs of humanity that still have to struggle for survival, prey on the weak and try to climb to the top of the industrial trash heap they call life on Earth.
Then, his life is changed irrevocably forever. In more ways than he can imagine. His mind jumps ahead in his dreams, showing him his future, though he doesn't know it yet. It keeps him going, those little moments of freedom, glimpses of trees and clouds. Flying. Free. But he always had to come back to reality.
He was no longer able to walk and participate in life the way every one else could. He was crippled and was told he couldn't do anything about it.
That was not in his nature. He was a fighter, 'One of the Few, The Proud' a Marine that had survived some 'rough bush'. He could handle himself, 'pass any test a man could take'. And yet here he was, confined to a wheelchair and out of the service that he had dedicated the last few years of his life.
Then, an opportunity to escape. He card for his brother, you could see it on his face and hear the contempt in his voice describing how Tom died. He has a chance now to escape the fetid and dirty world that has held him down. Deep down, he has always dreamed of going to Pandora, I can imagine him secretly flipping through pictures of Earth how it used to be and aching for a piece of that in his heart.
In space, no one cares if your legs don't work. Everyone is weightless, even if for a little while. He has a chance to inhabit a body with working legs, go to a world that is still green and blue. The world that he has heard about all his life and saw beautiful pictures of fantastic plants and colors that have long been gone from his home world.
Despite not having any training at all, he is in a mindset that says, 'I Can Do This!'.
The first opportunity that he has, of course he bolts to the outside world. He can walk, and run, and is taller than what he used to be. His first run and exhilaration is the first clue we get into how his former life had utterly crippled him.
"Maybe I was tired of doctors telling me what I couldn't do."
That must have hurt him more than just the injury. He was the kind of person that, despite being a Corporal, could take charge of a situation and deal with it.
Now he was in a new body, a new place and running. Jumping. Breathing real air. Green and living air. It smelled ALIVE. Like he was still, deep down. It was his first taste of a piece of his world that he had longed for and dreamed about.
And he was FREE. For a few hours.
The agony of coming back to his human body every time was evident. But it was part of the job. After all, he was human, not some tall blue native. That was just a dream body. Like in his previous dreams, it wasn't his in reality.
But then again.... it was real. He was here. On Pandora. Running and walking...and breathing jungle air.
It all changed again. He is taught to 'see' and 'walk' use new skills, become part of this new world. Learn the ways of the Na'vi, and ultimately learns to fly.
But he always has to wake up.

In the back of his mind, he knew there was a way to not wake up in his small, pasty, crippled body anymore. Pandora was alive, he saw how plants and the People interact, he's connected with the animals. There was a way, just out of his reach. But one day, he finally woke up and could see his future. This was the life he had dreamed about but never could imagine being real.
His old life was left behind when Hometree fell. When Grace died with a human made bullet in her. He had made his choice inside before. Now he would act on that choice as only he could.
That choice came in fire and destruction, bullets and blood. He would fight not only for the planet and people that were now an integral part of his life, but also for the one chance he had to finally be whole again spiritually and physically.
Pandora was his life now. His home. His people. His body and soul were now integrated, no longer separated by a world of indifference.
He was finally free.
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