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Originally Posted by neytirifanboy View Post
Good idea. I have read the first book. I will probably read the other two as well. Perhaps we can make a new thread on the topic. I wouldn't be surprised if it was some sort of minor inspiration.

Another book that reminds me of Avatar is a more recent and can't be an inspiration. It is a French book called Ellana by a contemporary French author called Pierre Bottero (who recently sadly died).

There is a trilogy of books and I have just started the third. The books take place in a fantasy LotR type world. Ellana is a very strong female character who makes you think of Dark Angel, Neytiri and Wolverine who can fight and climb.

Her parents are killed when she is young and she is adopted by a race of forest beings called the "Petits" who are reminiscient of tree climbing hobbits.

Anyway eventually she returns to the human world and her adventures begins.

The book is supposed to be for young adults. It has been compared to Harry Potter, but I thinkl it is for an older audience than that as there is plenty of violence and some significant romance.

Also, although the Ellana books have some magic, Ellana herself is not magical. She more depends on her agility and good character to win the day.

I love Ellana. She is probably the most appealing litterary heronine I have known.
That sounds really really good lol. Once I finish my huge stack of books I just recently bought I'll check this series out.

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