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Originally Posted by Empty Glass View Post
I hope other filmmakers are aware of what you wrote about and plan on making their own movies that involve exploring the unknown. That stuff can be truly exciting.
When you think about it, there is almost no contemporary sci-fi (that I know off) that invokes the early exploration of a planet.

In fact the only ones I can think off are Avatar, Alien (JC again) and the quirky Mars series.

Many sci-fi doesn't involve aliens or alien planets at all, concentrating on a future usually distopian Earth or involving averting a disaster.

The there are the the aline invader movies where we fight a technologically superior alien.

In most sci-fi where we are space-faring, we are usually an established space faring race. There is almost no sci-fi at least on TV where we are exploring. The exception is Stargate, but even then, what did they find? other humans. It would be nice where we find something totally different.

The unusual thing about Avatar is that it takes place in human's exploration period. Even in Avatar, humanity is relatively established in space travel, but it still takes place in that crucial first contact and early exploration period. Prequels can easily go back to the discovery of Pandora while sequels can discover more of Pandora or even address other exploration.

Perhaps more movie-makers need to think about a true first contact or exploration movie where we are the visitors and the aliens are not necessarily hostile (just as in Avatar). Because it is a theme that has been neglected, but has much potential.

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