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Selfridge really isn't that bad a guy, if you examine his character enough. Sure, he could easliy turn good. He was giving orders from earth. He was just the administrator over Pandora's activities. And Quaritch, at many times, went rogue. Selfridge isn't to account for the war on the tree of souls.

To DoP's example...honestly, he'd be grilled by critics if he did something like that. Sounds like quite an interesting concept, but the difference between Quaritch and the Terminator was that the terminator was programmed to be good. Barbossa was, in effect, forced to be on Jack's side when Calypso raised him, and even afterward, he turned against him again in the end.

Quaritch is a very powerful person, and to have him as a good guy would be pretty awesome. But the senario just isn't realistic enough. To me, at least.
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