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> Keep following the Na'vi society, specially the Omaticaya.
> Know more about the Na'vi and their lives.
> See how Jake will adapt to his new Na'vi life.
> If Jake and Neytiri were to have children, how would their children be raised, seeing Jake is no way a Na'vi father.
> How do the other clans interact with each other.
> What are tho humans going to do without their precious unobtanium.
> Will Grace still be alive along with Eywa?
> Neytiri's second Iknimaya.

> Quaritch's revival as a clone. He can come back, but not as a clone...
> Jake and Neytiri having a child.
> Either Neytiri or Jake be killed.
> Neytiri settling down to become the clan's Tsahik.
> Jake re-thinking his actions.
> Humans using a Deus Ex Machina plot device to come back and critically injure the Na'vi. IF it happens, it must be convincing.
> NO NA'VI GOING TO SPACE... THEY ARE NOT A SPACE-TRAVELLING RACE. If they are to go to space, let it be under only one condition. That they go to Earth, on the last movie, taking an atokirina, and planting it on Earth, and that is the last scene of the last movie.

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