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Default Commentary after seeing SE

We have now seen a little more of Jake's personality come through with the extra footage.
The two key scenes for me were in the school house and then... with Tsu'tey.
The school house scene was kind of weird for me, knowing what happened through reading the original story and the plot for the game. We know what happened and Jake's reaction definitely showed he was already questioning his 'side'. Bullet holes do not belong in a school. That much he knows, and when Grace brushes him off, he knows that it is something big. Later when he sees the photos of Grace with the kids and Neytiri in front of the school, he starts realizing that something definitely went wrong which led to her banning from the village.
When he put his fingers on the bullet holes, knowing the way the pattern was that they came from the front door... it's the first chink in his Marine psyche that would slowly be eroded away by his direct contact with the Na'vi.

Okay, now to the more emotional scene.
I cried. Not for Tsu'tey, although it was very emotional on his part, but for Jake.
The two were now truly brothers, Tsu'tey had accepted him when he returned as Toruk Macto. There was no saving Tsu'tey, they were out in the middle of the forest, he had been gunned down and then fell through the forest... there was only one way out.
Last Shadow. It was so moving in many ways. Jake had to perform that ritual in order to truly become one of the tribe. It was a sad and hard think to do, he had tried to save Grace, but he knew that he couldn't save his brother.
'I'm not officer material' my foot. Once again the reluctant hero is chosen to lead, not realizing that he already was a leader. Heroes are like that, they are surprised by their own abilities and when it comes time for them to be recognized, it comes as a surprise.
At the end, (in the original version) when he and Neytiri are watching the humans march onto the shuttle, they are subdued and sober. It seemed out of place. But now, knowing that he had performed Last Shadow and then taken Tsu'tey's collar.. it makes much more sense that he just wants to see Selfridge and all the rest gone from the planet. They had caused too much pain both in human/Na'vi numbers and pain to the planet.
He was now truly Olo'eyktan and he now felt the burden of leadership more than he had in battle.
The battle was just fighting and making sure the bomber didn't reach the tree. He now knew that he was a leader, he had a responsibility to the planet and his people. The Na'vi.

(As a side note, the only sadder moment I have seen in a movie or tv show was the ending to Babylon 5. Sheridan and Delenn's last goodbye was heart wrenching for a very similar reason that emotions were kept in check until the last second. Very very powerful.)
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