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LOL, HNM, that comic strip is funny .

Originally Posted by Tudhalyas View Post
I love XKCD's strips as well, HNM!

Anyway, I'm sad too that NASA decided to quit space exploration for the time being. Now I just hope that the ESA will take this opportunity and starts some more serious space programs.
Yeah, I hope that the ESA does because we are very upset over here. At least, the ones that care about the space program. I was just at the Kennedy Space Center two weeks ago. The tour guides were not happy about this turn of events. Meanwhile, they said that there is a private citizen that is trying to work out some sort of deal with NASA to take over the shuttle program (?). I'm not sure what they were talking about. I do know that he owns one of the platforms that they have and that he is firing off his own rockets. I'm very upset that the Constellation program has been scraped. This was the program that was going to get us back to the Moon.
But the government, specifically the POTUS scrapped the program to make room for a ridiculous healthcare law that no one can afford.
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