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Don't have any pics of mine, they wouldn't be worth posting anyways...

...but I have a Fender Strat (sunburst color) and a trumpet that's probably older than me. IDK, I got it used, and I've never found out exactly how old it is, but judging by the fact that the shiny outer layer of the brass piping is worn away in several places, I assume it's way old.

Also got a keyboard that I'm not very adept at playing; I got that for free. Then a tambourine, a cowbell, maracas, and claves.

But I do not yet own my favorite instrument to play. I will stop borrowing and get one of my own someday and I will never give it up as long as I live, I knew I was meant to play it right when I made my first few notes with it. I could go on about why I love it so much, but in any case this instrument is...a mellophone. A cookie for you if you know what that is without having to Google it.

I'd also like to get a melodica. I'd keep it in my backpack then play it randomly while walking to classes. I like playing music in public when people aren't expecting it.

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ideally, I'd find another guitarist, a bassist and a drummer who all See then start a Na'vi band... but that's just a dream... there's nobody around here
Well if you ever get that Na'vi band together I'd love to hear it because it already sounds AWESOME. What would it sound like?
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