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Jake's reaction when he first tastes the fruit that Grace throws to him seems a bit odd at first.
But, once you realize that most of his life, fresh food is almost extinct. All they have left on Earth is synthetic and processed food. Due to the pollution and over crowded conditions, fresh meat, fresh produce, anything to do with a 'real' piece of food is a thing of the past. That fruit was likely the first time he had eaten anything that wasn't processed or synthetic.
So his experience of eating that fruit was like the first time you ate a fresh peach or slice of watermelon or whatever your favorite fruit is now. I remember my first taste of a ripe honey fig. It was about the same as Jake's reaction.
Once we get to see what Earth is like, Jake's experience on Pandora will take on a whole new depth.
I'm looking forward to finally getting the 'whole' picture.
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