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Default AvatarMeet 2016: Location, Location, Location

AvatarMeet 2016: Survey Results and New Location

Irayo ntxan to everyone who took time to fill in the survey for AvatarMeet 2016. It is much appreciated and given us a good information. If you have not seen already, Cirque du Soleil have announced that they have found an alternative location to Raleigh for the show, on the same dates. That new location is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This has opened up a number of options for the meet up as you will read below, including a summary of the results from the survey.

Survey Results Are In:
We had a total of 32 respondents to the survey. Irayo to everyone who took the time to fill in the survey in such a short time frame. This information, along with the helpful comments, have guided the planning team. Below is a summary of the results:

Q1: Were you going to attend the original AvatarMeet 2016 in Raleigh?
No - 16% (5)
No, but I would have if the dates had been different - 3% (1)
Yes, but I still needed to book travel and hotel - 50% (16)
Yes and I had booked my travel and hotel - 25% (8 )
Undecided - 6% (2)

Q2: What are your preferences regarding the meet up in Raleigh?
Hold the meet up in Raleigh anyway - 6% (2)
Move it to an alternative location to view the Cirque du Soleil show - 72% (23)
Move it to an alternative location, not bothered about the Cirque du Soleil show - 16% (5)
I will not be able to attend now due to the additional expense - 6% (2)
Cancel the meet up for this year - 0% (0)

Q3: Alternative Location preferences
Denver 2.92
Chicago 2.73
Indianapolis 2.21
Nashville 2.27

As you can see from the results there is a strong preference to see the Cirque du Soleil show at an alternative location. That location being
Denver, followed by Chicago. However, with Pittsburgh being announced by Cirque du Soleil this has introduced a number of possibilities, for which we urgently need your input. See below.

Location, Location, Location
The planning team have identified three possibilities for the meet up. They are:
  1. Go to Pittsburgh on the dates of the original meet up (June 22nd - 26th)
  2. Go to Denver (July 20th - 24th)
  3. Holds two separate mini-meets in both Pittsburgh and Denver
In order to help the planning team forge ahead we need you to answer another short survey

Please can you complete the survey by the end of Saturday April 30th to allow the planning team to review the results over the weekend. Irayo ntxan.

AvatarMeet Planning Team
Sig kindly created by Prowler. Irayo ma tsmukan
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