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Old 07-05-2010, 09:58 AM
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Default We Need You! (Audiobook Project)

I'm currently working (with several others) to create an audiobook of the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy. However I do need help in finding voice actors who can portray various characters.

-> His Dark Materials Books and dates they will be completed (guess) as audiobooks.
-> Northern Lights (The Golden Compass) - Fall 2011
-> The Subtle Knife - Spring 2011 (Will be done first, as in my opinion it's the best in the series.)
-> The Amber spyglass - Spring 2012

Right now we've just started production on various aspects such as characters and have started recording the first chapted of the Subtle Knife. What I really need are character voices. If you have ANY experience in voice acting or just want to give it a go please PM me asap.

Right now I need female voices for various characters, you can be of any age.

(This is an unofficial audiobook, just so you know. I felt the official one was terrible, they just didn't do it as I thought it should have been handled.)

Characters that are needed ASAP.
-> Mrs Coulter (needs to have a sweet subtility to the voice.)
-> Mary Malone (any voice will work, female.)
-> Roger (What's his last name again? Oh, this voice actor should be no younger than 17.)
-> Other background and smaller characters, that only have a few lines.)
-> Kirjava (Will's daemon, female.)

I should note here that to take part in this you do not need to know anything about the book, all of your lines can be sent to you via PM or via skype. Our first official 'test' chapter will be avaliable here by the end of the month.

Characters that have already been casted:
-> Will Parry
-> Lyra Belacqua (Not sure yet, if you're interested in playing this major character please PM me.)
-> Iorek Byrnison
-> Pantalaimon
-> Lord Asriel

Remember I NEED YOUR HELP. If this goes planned I may, with permission make various attempts at working with various avatar related fanfics and audiobooking them with permission. It's a nice hobby
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Old 07-05-2010, 04:03 PM
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I did some theater in my college days, took dialects and did some acting. I think I'll have a go at it. I have a rather deep voice for a woman though, send me some test copy and I'll see what I can do.
I never read the books, but loved the movie (talk about stereotypes! heheehe). I'll get around to reading them some day.
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Old 07-05-2010, 07:44 PM
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Lyra On Pandora. With Eltu's Ninat!
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I could use you to play Will's Mother . I'll send you a line test later tonight

(Also if you watched the movie but didn't see the deleted ending i'm really sorry for you . I Loved the movie so much, especially the casting as Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra and Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel. However the ending got changed so much that it's impossible to continue the series as a movie.
-> The movie ending has roger alive and them going to see lord asriel.
-> the book and the deleted ending show Lyra confronting Lord asriel after he goes missing with roger, she gets there just as Lord asriel uses a machine that kills roger and his daemon, opening a gateway between worlds. Lord asriel has an emotional moment with Lyra, before walking through this 'portal' and leaving Lyra alone, she then confides in Pan that they have to continue forward, and they both leave the world they were born in and enter an alternate universe (a universe filled with children and no adults. all adults are killed by creatures called spectres.)

Plotkill ;D
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