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Lyra 08-17-2010 10:26 PM

Theory of Love
Now, I believe that every human is born in pairs, as in they are destined to be together. I also believe that your chance of finding this person is slim, but even if you never find them, you will find them in the next life, or maybe the life after that, and when you do you never leave them, maybe you do physically, but not mentally, they're always there...

Below is a log of the irc channel fir this debate, I csnt be bothered typing this all out again, so the debate continues from here :


Lyra|Pantalaimon: Lyra|Pantalaimon: I believe everyone is matched in pairs, that's why you get relationships that go bad Lyra|Pantalaimon: They aren't a matched pair.
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Hey eltu you still here?
Icu: wait, wait, wait. so you're saying that I have one exact person that i'm matched with?
The10thNumber: can you be loyal to someone for ages
Eltu: Techincally, yes.
The10thNumber: if you really like someone, but you arent in a relationship
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Icu yes
The10thNumber: and you swear to yourseld that shes the one, but she moves away
Lyra|Pantalaimon: You were born to be matched with someone
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Fate,
The10thNumber: and another one comes, who you think is better
The10thNumber: then that bond breaks
Icu: i totally disagree
Lyra|Pantalaimon: How so?
Icu: (lyra)
Icu: how so? i don't have to prove that it's NOT true, you have to prove that it is
12:12 AM
Lyra|Pantalaimon: No.
Icu: there's just nothing that points to that fact...
The10thNumber: we decieve ourselves sometimes to think that someone is "the one"
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Its Personal opinion.
Icu: based on what evidence?
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Everyone is born matched, hence why you get broken relationships
Lyra|Pantalaimon: The bond wasn't right
Lyra|Pantalaimon: They chose someone they didn't have a bond with,
The10thNumber: when infact there is loads of women all of whom you could have a perfectly fine relationship with
Icu: im sure there are plenty of people i could get married to and be happy with
The10thNumber: ^
Lyra|Pantalaimon: True, but I would never feel truly in love
The10thNumber: but what is that
Lyra|Pantalaimon: I could marry someone, they would maybe have my child
Icu: and how would you know?
Lyra|Pantalaimon: But thing is, I wouldn't feel truly in love.
Lyra|Pantalaimon: You don't
Lyra|Pantalaimon: That's the problem.
The10thNumber: that beating on your dog gone chest
Icu: it's a self fuffilling prophecy then.
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Oyu don't know until you meet your bonded partner,
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Once you have found them you know what's been missing.
Icu: there's no evidence but the evidence you create for yourself
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Its a theory
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Icu, a theory.
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Like the strings theory of the universe,
Icu: but again, i get it, but there's no evidence
Lyra|Pantalaimon: there is evidence,
12:16 AM
Lyra|Pantalaimon: It's all around us, but we're all too ignorant to see it.
Icu: ... i fail to see any evidence
The10thNumber: if it is matched pairs, whats the point if you never meet them
Lyra|Pantalaimon: The point is that you could meet them.
The10thNumber: how
Icu: seriously
The10thNumber: would you know
Icu: give me evidence please
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Icu, give me evidence against it,
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Seriously.
Icu: no, no, no
Icu: it doesn't work like that
Lyra|Pantalaimon: It works both ways in a debate
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Yes it does.
Icu: okay hold on
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Your debating against my theory
Lyra|Pantalaimon: So prove its wrong.
Icu: ugh, hold on
Lyra|Pantalaimon: !g true love wikipedia
Neytiri: Searching Google........
Neytiri: [Google] True Love may refer to: Contents. 1 Film; 2 Literature; 3 Music; 4 Other uses; 5 See also. [edit] Film. True Love (1989 film), directed by Nancy Savoca ... http:/​/​​wiki/​True_Love
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Fail.
Icu: if I said, there is a nuke at the core of the earth and it's going to explode in 5 minutes would you believe me?
The10thNumber: it is pretty hard to prove wrong, but equally hard to prove right
Lyra|Pantalaimon: ^
The10thNumber: the only way is
Icu: but there IS no proof on either side
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Icu, if there was a nuke there, everyone would know
Lyra|Pantalaimon: If you knew
Icu: so the burden of proof is you YOU
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Everyone would know
Icu: what?
Icu: okay, if your theory was true than everyone woudl know
12:19 AM
The10thNumber: if there was a 50:50 ratio of men and women. you would have to see if everyone of them could find a partner who they "loved"
The10thNumber: *men and women in the entire world
Lyra|Pantalaimon: No, not the case for homosexuals.
Lyra|Pantalaimon: There's flaws in my theory yes.
Lyra|Pantalaimon: That I'll admit,
Icu: it's not flawwed, there's just no evidence beyond what you make up
The10thNumber: i dont think you neccesarily have a partner
Icu: just liek me making up a statement about the nuke
Icu: no evidence
Icu: but you can't DISPROVE it
The10thNumber: but really just a very specific type of person
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Yes i can
Icu: no you can't
Icu: well, for all practiacl purposes
Lyra|Pantalaimon: You csnt have a nuke in the centre of the earth
Lyra|Pantalaimon: I win.
The10thNumber: there are bound to be people left out
Icu: ugh
Icu: not the point
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Its impossible to place any object in the centre of the earth.
Icu: you know what im trying to say
Lyra|Pantalaimon: I won.
Lyra|Pantalaimon: I won.
Icu: forget that analogy and substitute one that works better. works either way. the specifics are not the point
Lyra|Pantalaimon: This is why no one except eltu debates with me.
Icu: do you believe in God?
The10thNumber: what we have to agree on is that there is somebody out there for everybody
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Icu, I believe in a higher being, not god.... Not anything like authority,
The10thNumber: ^
Lyra|Pantalaimon: But I believe that there is something,
The10thNumber: ^
Icu: do you believe that the flying spagheti monster exists?
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Something that guides us through life.
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Yeah
Lyra|Pantalaimon: He's outside btw icu
Icu: you do...
12:22 AM
Icu: seroiusly
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Nah
Icu: disprove it
The10thNumber: lool
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Rofl
Eltu: Icu: I believe the flying spaghetti monster exists. As long as EVERYTHING else.
Icu: you can't. but it doesn't mean that he exists
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Rofl
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Eltu, do you like my theory on love?
Lyra|Pantalaimon: ^
Eltu: *Along with
Icu: you cant disprove the flying spaghetti monster. but he's also not real
The10thNumber: kame would be perfect in this debate
Lyra|Pantalaimon: This should be on toss
Eltu: Lyra, sadly I have not had time to read it yet - just stepped into the discussion.
Lyra|Pantalaimon: In debate
Lyra|Pantalaimon: Brb making it
Eltu: Icu: He is very real.
Icu: okay, prove it
Eltu: We cannot see, touch, hear or smell him physically, but he is real.
The10thNumber: i saw him
The10thNumber: out me window last night
Icu: that's your job not mine. im not the one making the claim. Lyra, since you're making the claim about love, it's your job to prove it, not mine to disprove since there is no evidence either way
Eltu: Icu: Nothing can ever be truly proven, since there is no way to know if there is something beyond our levels of perception. Thus, we have to limit ourselves to certain levels of truth.

Isard 08-17-2010 10:31 PM

I disagree. I think broken relationships arise more out of a misplaced ideal. People tend to peruse somebody they "love". However a very wise person once told me, "Kiss your girlfriend, then marry your best friend."

There are plenty of people who everyone is capable of enjoying life with, not just one hidden out there "somewhere".

Human No More 08-18-2010 03:27 AM

It's a nice idea, but isn't really possible... I've seen relationships that seemed perfect end badly... All we can do is find the person who is as close to right as we can :(

tallbluewanderer 08-18-2010 03:52 AM


Originally Posted by Human No More (Post 87872)
It's a nice idea, but isn't really possible... I've seen relationships that seemed perfect end badly...

*nods knowingly and returns to lurking*

Isard 08-18-2010 03:55 AM

Like I said, perfect is subjective. You may feel you "love" somebody and will forever, but the real test is, are you going to be able to stand being with them everyday for the rest of your life?

Human No More 08-18-2010 03:56 AM

That's why, as I've said before, there need to be actual things in common as well... shared interests, of things which can be done or discussed, and preferably any disagreements are over relatively minor things.

Advent 08-18-2010 08:17 AM


Originally Posted by Lyra (Post 87799)
Now, I believe that every human is born in pairs, as in they are destined to be together. I also believe that your chance of finding this person is slim, but even if you never find them, you will find them in the next life, or maybe the life after that, and when you do you never leave them, maybe you do physically, but not mentally, they're always there...

Damn. You can't even choose?
(looks up)
Jesus, what are you up to this time?

Well, apparently my mother says I'm an 'old soul', meaning apparently I've been in this plane too many times already, and been through the horror of the educational system an equally too many times.

I don't, in a way, 'remember' this soul mate, but sometimes I do get a strange feeling if I think about this 'soul mate' concept. That, and I have a vivid imagination.

If this person is as the image gracing my mind, then you, sir, may consider yourself a visionary, and be granted the seal of Awesomeness.
And if this theory is correct, I hope your soul mate finds you with equal enthusiasm.

Oh, and just for the record:
Finding someone 'close to right' is what most people think when they marry. Just hope right = happiness, my good man.

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